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Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog.

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Silver is a 14 year old Hedgehog from 200 years in the future, he is naive and has a temper, that he loses control of sometimes, he almost always is strong on the outside, he can sometimes drift off into his own thoughts, he keeps a happy mood going when he can. He would do anything to save the future, therefore always jumping to conclusions about who or what destroyed his time, always trying too hard to figure it out, he easily falls into traps. He is very powerful, born with psychic powers, he is able to lift mountains with his mind and almost anything. Never knowing his parents, he was raised in a world of ruins, stands alone most of his journeys through time. He can get lonely, but not always, as he has met friends along the way...

~~ -- {FRIENDS, ETC.} -- ~~

~{Blaze the Cat}~
"She'll always be there for you, she's nice and..... she's my best friend." ~

~{Sonic the Hedgehog}~
"Fun lovin', teasing guy, we sometimes don't get along, but other times... yeah, and he's been through a lot, yet he smiles his troubles away, you can depend on him always."

~{Shadow the Hedgehog}~
"Shadow is a total grump, but he has a heart somewhere deep down, just don't get on his bad side."

~{Amy Rose}~
"Positive girl who will never give up, she's a good friend and person if you get to know her!"

"There are plenty of other me's! They're cool!"

"Awesome and sweet friend! .... She helped me out a lot when I first came around."

"Cute little guy, Sonic's bro and a great friend."

"'Lil adorable kid who will be almost anyone's friend, she's a blast!"

"Goofy fun girl, she's cool and nice to hang around with from time to time... when she isn't calling me pothead..."

"He's alright, he likes to be a :iconsonicblahplz:"


Silver of the Nervous Smile by RoseDuelistBBSHM
(( Admin: Sorry about not answering questions, but I'm not inactive or anything. I just haven't been drawing too much, not even on my main account. It's not because I don't like to. Guess I don't get to it enough. Whether you guys are waiting for them or not, still. I'll check this account a lot more often though. I do care about it. I just like to role-play more then answer questions and draw them. I mean, pssh, I could just answer questions through a little RP.

Come throw a RP at me whenever! I'll get to it!

:iconadorablesilverplz: ))

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 Question: How do you bathe?Spinning Awesome Smiley 
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Silver sighed gently at your comment but then managed a little chuckle, he dealt with those sorta things everyday, after all. "... Heh, thanks."
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"No problem Silver!"
I smile, and pat him on the back, before getting an idea*
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"Hello.. ", a black and midnight purple cat with golden eyes approached silver.
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Hi silver I'm alpha the wolf I have water powers so I can help with ur fire problem
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